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Cycling Tom Ethos

Cycling Tom is dedicated to uncovering and sharing Wairarapa's hidden treasures, granting access to New Zealand's largest races often beyond reach.

Our ethos is rooted in fostering a tight-knit community among riders, safeguarding the region's natural beauty, ensuring inclusivity for outdoor enthusiasts, and crafting enduring memories amid Wairarapa's breathtaking landscapes.

Who is Cycling Tom?

Meet Tom McCallum, aka Cycling Tom, a beloved local YouTuber with a massive following of over 30,000 dedicated fans across multiple platforms.

His captivating videos have reached an astounding audience of 1 million viewers. Having spent his youth exploring the enchanting landscapes of the Wairarapa on two wheels, Tom has unearthed every hidden gem in the region.

Now, he's eager to share these incredible rides with the wider public, transforming your visit into an unforgettable adventure.

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Cycling Tom Bike Shop

Before the Cycling Tom Tours, Tom embarked on an exciting venture in his hometown of Masterton, New Zealand. He opened the Cycling Tom Bike Shop, a base for his passion for cycling and exploration

This store acts as an access hub to the Wairarapa riding offering top-quality bikes, gear, and expert advice to riders of all levels and now guided or unguided tours leaving from the shop daily.

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Trusted By 100s of Riders

Gladstone Rural Explorer

"Had a blast on the Gladstone Rural Explorer starting at Cycling Tom Bike Shop. We hit some cool secret gravel roads in Gladstone Valley, and don't miss the pit stop at Gladstone Vineyard"
Madi Hartly-Brown
Bike Mechanic, Wairarapapa

Carterton Rural Explorer

"Had an amazing time on this tour! Explored the Waiohine Gorge's native beauty, braved the swing bridge, and conquered Mt. Dick for stunning views. - a cyclist's dream!"
Ari Scott
Proffesional Cyclist, Nelson

E-Bike Hire

"Hiring a bike for the day couldn't have been simpler. The process was a breeze. Walked in, chose my ride, and hit the road in no time. Seamless and hassle-free!"
Boston Bright
Punter, Wellington

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